Chanel - Concentrated Hin&her And Neon Electronical Light-machine

Chanel (Concentrated Hin&Her And Neon Electronial Light-Machine) was developed in the winter of 2011/2012. Ten groups of LED and two Servo drives are controlled by an Arduino board. Circuit boards, several meters of wires and a innovative, decorative Newton's cradle are integrated in a wood construction. The piece was built in two days.

Many thanks to Yunchul Kim.

Real Photo Booth

A new Icon for the Photo Booth Appwas introduced with the first generation IPad. Its proportions are slightly off – imagine attempting to sit in said booth. The Real Photo Booth was built with the same proportions as the icon, to determine the ergonomics of the booth. The Real Photo Booth is 120cm x 120cm x 60cm. A curtain, a stool and a webcam are integral to this wooden work of art. I recently created a video to introduce the Real Photo Booth to the world. Now, the project is presented on its own webpage.

Cheers to Mr. Johannes P. Osterhoff and the lovely one and only Mrs. Olia Lialina.

WYSIWYG pacman

I created a wooden cube with the size of 100cm x 75cm x 75cm with a 21” CRT embedded on its top, the whole construction has a weight of about 50kg. On top of the cube, next to the true to the original Atari Joystick, there is a donate slot at the top of the cube.

Inside the cube, there is a system of pipes with an input and output at either side of the construct. Hidden inside, are a PC, Arduino board servo drive and several meters of wires. All the parts are mounted into a single module to facilitate its transportation.

Insert something into the donate slot to start the game (programmed in JavaFX). If you do not have something to donate, the drawer below the slot holds previous donations that can be reused.

If the virtual Pacman leaves the playing area at the left or the right side, a 'real' Pacman is ejected from the internal pipe system at the same side. The ghosts buzz around the playing area until the real Pacman is inserted back into the system of pipes on either side; at which point the virtual Pacman re-enters the playing-area

The idea to extend WYSIWYG into real life was born in Olia Lialinas “Magic Paper” lecture in the winter semester 2011 / 2012. I am most grateful to Olia Lialina and Hannes Kayser.

Videos and more coming soon.

Shirin Sparr

Bachelor of Arts New Media/ Interface Design,
Merz-Akademie Stuttgart, 2010 - 2014
Date of birth: 13.09.1987
Place of residence: Stuttgart

I have good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery). I have worked with and programmed in PHP and SQL. I gained experience using Processing and Arduino in working to realize some of my own ideas.

I use Adobe CS4´s Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, for designing.

I am interested in many things: traveling, design, computers, music, photography, nature and - finally looking at my roots - humans.

Cat Tail - Tailfinity

2011 was the year of Cat Tail, the Cat which has won five Nobel prizes at a very young age. I had the honour to document its live with its genetic defect that makes its tail growing to infinity. It was a great pleasure to design and finally implement its biographical homepage. I got the chance to gain an insight into Cat Tails live.

And here again I would like to thank Cat Tail and Dragan Espenschied for this experience of life.
Cat Tail - Tailfinity
Cat Tail on Facebook

Build & Design

Bauen und gestalten


In september 2013 I made an internship at LAb[au] a group of artists in Brussels, Belgium.
Among this 6 months we presented signalToNoise and binary Waves at the art and media festival L’Ososphere at Straßbourg. Furthermore I accomplished and installed the permanent artwork m0za1que 15x26 in Annecy-le-Vieux, France.

Many thanks ton Manuel, Els and Jérôme for such a great and instructive time.


At the beginning of 2012 I helped to assemble a Maker Bot. In three days I soldered circuit boards, assembled individual components and wired electronics. The baby is actually working, hell yeah!

Web Stuff - Baby

endless - Buddhist Timeline
How do Buddhists and people who do believe in reincarnation manage their Facebook's timeline? I dealt with this question during the 2012 summer semester and shaped next to the page all storys and lifes.
I will gradually expand the page by stories - so stay tuned!

During the 2012 summer semester I was lucky enough to attend Rosa Menkmans’ lecture about Glitches. Having learnt about Glitch-culture, I worked on a series of glitches and even tried to incorporate some of my own ideas.

For Glitch//////Klatsch 129 Glitches were fabricated and can be discovered in different a arrangement every single time you visit the webpage.

Following Olia Lialinas Animated GIFs Timeline I made Animated GIFs and Glitches


The infinite monkey theorem implies that a monkey who randomly hits a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will eventually have errorlessly written the complete works of William Shakespeare. The monkey hits the keyboard without actually having the ability to consciously write one word. if a word, text or book emerges, it is attributed to coincidence.
keyll is a ball upon whose surface 162 keys of a computer keyboard are arranged. Each key is associated with one of the 26 characters of the alphabet. In order for the observer to not perceive which key stands for which one of the 26 characters, the keys aren’t labeled. When the ball overrolls or touches a surface, the keys arranged on it are hit. The characters associated to the keys are strung together and visualized accordingly on a screen for the observer to see. When actual words emerge from this randomized stringing together of characters, they are highlighted visually.

keyll is part of my bachelor thesis from 2014.
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